Marathon Day

After a dismal, rainy day for dressage, everyone hoped the rain would stop for the marathon.  Now in the middle of the day, a fine mist has settled in and seems not to want to leave.  Boot sucking mud everywhere.  Tractors are pulling cars and trucks out of the mud.  The officials have made several modifications to the course because of the deep conditions.  Several competitors have withdrawn from competition – mostly in the advanced division.  Interestingly, the preliminary horses and ponies have made it through! 

Yesterday, Shelly Temple won the Adv. Single Pony class, Robin Groves is leading the Adv. single horse class.  Chester Weber took a good lead in dressage, but withdrew before the marathon.  Janelle Marshall is leading the Intermediate single pony class.  Meredith Fetters is ahead in the Int. Single Horse class.  Suzy Stafford got one of the best dressage scores of the day with 39.00.   The complete scores are at


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