Arrived in Georgetown

I arrived at Georgetown, KY about 6 p.m. and checked in to my motel. I’m going to be here for 12 nights – for the Lexington CDE and then the National Drive. While at the salad bar at Ruby Tuesdays, saw Gary and Holly Combee and Rick Williams from the Live Oak crew who have been here for a few days preparing for the competition. They said that a two hour briefing was being held for the volunteers in preparation for the 2010 WEG, so they had skipped out for dinner. After I had finished mine, Jennifer Matheson and her groom came in, so I sat with them for a few minutes, then noticed Linda Yutzy from Texas at another table (competing with her Dartmoor pair and staying over for the National Drive) and then as I was leaving, stopped to say hello to Boots and Dave Wright. That’s what’s so fun about the driving world. After driving 400 miles alone, I run into all these friends!
The weather report is that it will be cooler than normal (74) for this area, and I hope that any rain will stay away. I ‘ve had enough of rain for this season.
I’m anxious to see what improvements have been made since I was here last June. My official status is a member of the press. Since this is a test event for the WEG, they are also being formal about issuing press credentials. I understand the the digs for the press are quite nice, which is normal for a WEG. From past experience, I know that the press can watch the hazards from closed circuit TV. Most likely this won’t be the case this weekend, but likely will be next year.
Tomorrow will be the horse inspection. Dressage will take place on Thursday (FEI) and Friday (Prelim and Int. )


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