Horse Inspection and First Day at Lexington CDE

So much has changed since I was here about a year ago. The huge indoor arena is quite impressive. The new stadium for the outdoor arena is equally impressive and beautifully done. There is still a lot of construction going on, so it is kind of hard to visualize how it will be 12 months from now.
It was a typical first day with competitors picking up their packets and filling out announcers’ forms, etc. In addition to the international judges people like Michael Freund, Boyd Excell and Koos deRonde are here as coaches.
The horse inspection took place this afternoon, and quite a few horses did not pass, including one single horse. That is quite heartbreaking for the driver who doesn’t have a ‘spare’ and her competition is over. Many of us agreed that there is an art to jogging horses and some should learn to do it better.
A reception was held this evening in the sponsors’ tent at the side of the dressage ring. In addition to delicious appetizers and cocktails, Micheal Freund put on a demonstration driving Misdee Wrigley-Miller’s husband Jim’s coaching team. Freund drove them through sets of temporary obtacle elements at full speed even though this was new to this team.
Tomorrow will be the FEI dressage, with Preliminary and Intermediate on Friday. The weather is unseasonably cool, but comfortable. Let’s hope it doesn’t rain. We’ve had enough of that at competitions this year.


3 responses to “Horse Inspection and First Day at Lexington CDE

  1. Ellen Seavey-Oman

    Thanks for the updates, Ann! Perhaps an article on jogging would be appropriate for DD?

  2. Thank you for keeping us all in the loop!

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