Preparing for Pine Tree

The end of October is a great time to hold a combined driving event in North Carolina, Southern Pines in particular.  The weather is usually mild, in this case the forecast for the weekend is temps in the 70s.  The Pine Tree CDE is a popular end-of-the-season event.  Pumpkins, mums, scarecrows, ghosts, spiders and their webs decorate the obstacles.  A mountain of hay bales with pumpkins is the centerpiece for the cones course.

I went on a golf cart inspection of Section A with organizer Kelly Valdes and Richard Pringle, one of the course designers along with Weibe Dragstra. It goes through some of the most beautiful and historic horse farms in Southern Pines, but the track is definately a combined driving track, not a golf course.

Forty five entries are expected in Training, Preliminary and Intermediate levels, which is the most that can be accommodated in a two-day format with one dressage ring.  Holly Pulsifer, the technical delegate arrives today and will inspect the course to make sure it complies with standards.  Tents and portojohns will arrive today, and more decorations will be put up. 

I’ll be posting photographs soon!


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