Pine Tree Marathon

The marathon is over, and it is always considered successful when there are no accidents, turnovers or protests.  The weather didn’t turn out as the weather channel predicted.  It never got to 70 with sun.  Rather it stayed in the low 60s at best with clouds. Good for the horses and ponies, however.  As mentioned previously, Section A was rough, but all made it through.  In Section E, the obstacles were placed so that two could easily be viewed without much movement by spectators and fans, and all six could be see if one wanted to exert oneself just a little bit.  I’m sorry that I can post some photos tonight, but will get them up tomorrow.  Complete results can be viewed at but here are the highlights:

Training Single Pony: Sally Sutherland
Training Single Horse: Bonnie Fahrner
Training Pair Horse: Tom Burgess
Training Horse Fours: Cindy O’Reilly
Int. Single Pony: Suzan Sallstrom
Int. Pair Ponies: Deborah Branson
Intermediate Pony Fours: Eleanor Gallagher
Intermediate Single Horse: Kate Shields
Intermediate Horse Fours: Gary Stover
Prelim. Single Pony: Paul Maye
Prelim. Pair Pony: Meghan Benge
Prelim. Pony Tandem: Ed Hopkins
Prelim. Single Horse: Barbara Chapman
Prelim. Pair Horse: Ed Werner


One response to “Pine Tree Marathon

  1. wonderful overview! next year i will tell my friends to check here.. they always wonder where i disappear to. thanks, really great!

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