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Katydid Cones

It was a tough cones course that Barry Hunter designed.  It started out to be fairly open but got tighter and tighter as it went on.  The Preliminary division had the best chance of a clear round, and there were a few for the intermediate drivers, but non at the Advanced level.

Katydid cones diagram

Katydid cones course

Tracey Morgan was one who drove penalty free in cones, securing first place in the Preliminary Single Pony class and was Preliminary Champion. 

Junior driver Jacob Arnold was the only one in Intermediate Single Horse to drive clean with his Morgan Shadow, but Marcie was able to hang onto first place because of the cushion she had after dressage.


Marcie Quist, winner of Intermediate Single Horse at Katydid

Kate Shields continued her winning streak with Hastening Winslow.  She won all three phases and was the Champion of the Advanced division. 7 B was the only cone that she knocked down, but with a 30 point lead over her closest competitor, she could have hit many more and still taken home the blue ribbon.


Hastening Winslows floats to another win with Kate Shields

The four-in-hands found the cones course particularly challenging. Both Casey Zubek and Gary Stover knocked down a marker for another set which required them to stop while the course was ‘reset.’  Bill Long hit six cones, but was the only Advanced driver to make the time.


Bill Long takes his victory lap


Marathon photos from Katydid


Meghan Benge, third in the marathon, prelim pair ponies


Bob Koopman won the Intermediate single horse marathon


Susan Hrizuk, second in the Intermediate Single Horse marathon


Casey Zubek at the water obstacle

Katydid – Marathon Day

No rain!  Blue sky and sunshine.  There was frost in the morning for those up early to walk obstacles for the last time.  Aiken is a real horse town, so even though Katydid is about a half hour outside of Aiken, there still were a lot of spectators, and bleachers were set at many of the obstacles to accommodate them.  Jack Wetzel, who is sponsoring Bill Long, invited many of his friends to come and watch, so it was a great opportunity to showcase driving to other horsemen and women.  There are also quite a few vendors here who I hope did good business today. The vendors are located near the dressage/cones area and they can all see several obstacles so that makes them happy too.  For the spectators, it was possible to see the Carousel, the Water, and the boxes in the trees without moving.  The Cobweb obstacle was way out in the woods, so I doubt many spectators ventured out there. 

In the Advanced four-in-hand class, Bill Long won the marathon with 90.44 penalties, winning 5 of the 7 obstacles.  Gary Stover also drove very smoothly to come in second.  Casey Zubek had a couple of hiccups but managed to extricate his team from one very precarious situation at the water obstacle which drew cheers from the crowd.  So at the moment, Bill is standing in first, nine points ahead of Keady Cadwell.  Gavin Robson, who won the dressage, is standing third going into cones. 

Sherri Dolan kept her first place by winning the marathon, and like Bill, won 5 of the 7 hazards. Dirk Van Beckhoven is only a point behind, so the pressure will be on tomorrow.  Kate Shields also won the marathon in the Adv. Single Horse class, and has almost thirty point in hand over Suzy Stafford. Wow! 

Marcie Quist had a significant cushion going into the marathon, and even though she drove conservatively in the obstacles, held onto her lead.  Bob Koopman smoked the obstacles, winning 6 of 7, with a total marathon score or 57.12 by far the fastest of any Intermediate or Advanced driver, but overall, he is standing 4th. 

The cones course won’t be open until 7 a.m. so I expect that there will be some chilly walkers out first thing in the morning. 

There were no accidents, and relatively no questions for the jury that weren’t resolved before the final scores were posted. 

I will post photos tomorrow when I’ve had a chance to download them from camera to computer.  In the meantime, the full results can be seen at

Katydid – Friday Dressage

Under a cloudless blue sky, the remaining Advanced along with the Intermediate and Preliminary competitors drove their dressage tests today.  The Preliminary drove in an arena that was quite a way from the main arena.  The only spectators that ventured that far were friends and family, but on the other hand, the arena was perfectly flat, there was a huge field for warming up, and there were no distractions such as flags, tents, spectators to vye for the attention of the horses and ponies.  Shelly Temple and Melissa Boyd judged the Preliminary entries. However they joined the other judges for the Advanced four-in-hand class. 

Keady Cadwell warms-up for dressage

 Gavin Robson won the advanced four-in-hand class with a score of 55.17.  Not far behind was Keady Cadwell driving her team in Advanced competition for the first time at Katydid.  The judges gave her 58.88. 


Janelle Marshall

It was great fun to watch the tandems.  Since all the major competitions, national and international championships are over for the year, it was time to drive for the love and fun of it.  Jennifer Matheson, Janelle Marshall and Joan Schisler drove their inline pairs to the delight of a large crowd.   

Tracey Morgan is standing first in the Preliminary Pony class out of a very large class of 14 entries.  Another large class of 9 – Preliminary single horse – is lead by Barbara Chapman.  Complete results can be seen at


Jacob Arnold placed 4th in dressage in Int. Single Horse


Claire Reid drove her pair of Welsh ponies in the Prelim. Pair pony class

Thursday Dressage at Katydid

Katydid 2009031

Sherri Dolan and Smoke

It was a short day competition wise at Katydid.  Just the Advanced single horses and ponies drove starting at 2 p.m.  Sherri Dolan and Smoke smoked their competition with a score of 49.79, the second place driver Dirk van Beckhoven driving Jennifer Matheson’s Topper scored 61.44 in front of the five person jury.  Franz Vetter is the president, joined by Sarah Mullin, John Greenall, Shelly Temple and Melissa Boyd. Kate Shields also wowed the judges who unamimously agreed to place her top of the four-person class and gave her a score of 40.32.  

Katydid 2009051

Kate Shields and Hastenings Winslow

One horse did not pass the horse inspection – Bill Allen unfortunately will not compete this weekend. 

A competitor’s briefing will be held in a little while, and then we’ll all get ready for a busy day tomorrow. You can see the complete results at

Some Katydid Obstacles


Obstacle 1

This obstacle is going to be very fun to watch and pretty to photograph. The judges are now inspecting the course, and the horse inspection for the Advanced will be held at noon.  Only the Advanced singles are driving today.  Tomorrow there will be two rings running all day, one for Prelim and the other for Int. and Advanced.  So far the weather is PERFECT! And everyone hopes it will stay that way. 

IMG_0083 Obstacle 4

Obstacle 5


Obstacle 6 - the water obstacle without the water - yet.

Arrival at Katydid

It’s always fun to get to a show and see what’s new, what’s changed, and what’s stayed the same.  The stabling is in an entirely different area, which is a little farther away from the office, but there seems to be more room for trailer parking and makes the area near the main dressage arena, sponsor’s tent and main entry less congested. 

Many competitors have arrived and are settling in, vendors are unpacking their wares.  The weather forecast is for high 60s and sunny.  That will be quite a welcome change for many of us who have suffered though the wet at so many competitions this season.

Everything looks beautiful and the first thing that stood out was the carousel decoration in the mound obstacle.  Another obstacle is decorated with flags representing every branch of the armed services, appropriate as Veterans’ Day will be celebrated soon. 

Hopefully I will be able to add some photos of the obstacles to this post.  It’s always interesting to see how the internet connections and all the other technology works away from home.