Thursday Dressage at Katydid

Katydid 2009031

Sherri Dolan and Smoke

It was a short day competition wise at Katydid.  Just the Advanced single horses and ponies drove starting at 2 p.m.  Sherri Dolan and Smoke smoked their competition with a score of 49.79, the second place driver Dirk van Beckhoven driving Jennifer Matheson’s Topper scored 61.44 in front of the five person jury.  Franz Vetter is the president, joined by Sarah Mullin, John Greenall, Shelly Temple and Melissa Boyd. Kate Shields also wowed the judges who unamimously agreed to place her top of the four-person class and gave her a score of 40.32.  

Katydid 2009051

Kate Shields and Hastenings Winslow

One horse did not pass the horse inspection – Bill Allen unfortunately will not compete this weekend. 

A competitor’s briefing will be held in a little while, and then we’ll all get ready for a busy day tomorrow. You can see the complete results at


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