Katydid – Friday Dressage

Under a cloudless blue sky, the remaining Advanced along with the Intermediate and Preliminary competitors drove their dressage tests today.  The Preliminary drove in an arena that was quite a way from the main arena.  The only spectators that ventured that far were friends and family, but on the other hand, the arena was perfectly flat, there was a huge field for warming up, and there were no distractions such as flags, tents, spectators to vye for the attention of the horses and ponies.  Shelly Temple and Melissa Boyd judged the Preliminary entries. However they joined the other judges for the Advanced four-in-hand class. 

Keady Cadwell warms-up for dressage

 Gavin Robson won the advanced four-in-hand class with a score of 55.17.  Not far behind was Keady Cadwell driving her team in Advanced competition for the first time at Katydid.  The judges gave her 58.88. 


Janelle Marshall

It was great fun to watch the tandems.  Since all the major competitions, national and international championships are over for the year, it was time to drive for the love and fun of it.  Jennifer Matheson, Janelle Marshall and Joan Schisler drove their inline pairs to the delight of a large crowd.   

Tracey Morgan is standing first in the Preliminary Pony class out of a very large class of 14 entries.  Another large class of 9 – Preliminary single horse – is lead by Barbara Chapman.  Complete results can be seen at http://drivingnews.us


Jacob Arnold placed 4th in dressage in Int. Single Horse


Claire Reid drove her pair of Welsh ponies in the Prelim. Pair pony class


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