Katydid Cones

It was a tough cones course that Barry Hunter designed.  It started out to be fairly open but got tighter and tighter as it went on.  The Preliminary division had the best chance of a clear round, and there were a few for the intermediate drivers, but non at the Advanced level.

Katydid cones diagram

Katydid cones course

Tracey Morgan was one who drove penalty free in cones, securing first place in the Preliminary Single Pony class and was Preliminary Champion. 

Junior driver Jacob Arnold was the only one in Intermediate Single Horse to drive clean with his Morgan Shadow, but Marcie was able to hang onto first place because of the cushion she had after dressage.


Marcie Quist, winner of Intermediate Single Horse at Katydid

Kate Shields continued her winning streak with Hastening Winslow.  She won all three phases and was the Champion of the Advanced division. 7 B was the only cone that she knocked down, but with a 30 point lead over her closest competitor, she could have hit many more and still taken home the blue ribbon.


Hastening Winslows floats to another win with Kate Shields

The four-in-hands found the cones course particularly challenging. Both Casey Zubek and Gary Stover knocked down a marker for another set which required them to stop while the course was ‘reset.’  Bill Long hit six cones, but was the only Advanced driver to make the time.


Bill Long takes his victory lap


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