Arrived at Live Oak

We arrived in Ocala last night and had a nice dinner at the Gilliland’s with the other officials who have already arrived.  Richard is scoring, and I will be helping where needed, blogging and taking photographs. I have a new camera so I’m eager to see what it can do!  Today packets will be passed out starting at 11.  Even though it is only Wednesday, a lot of competitors have already arrived.  Some even on Monday. There will be a lot of clinics, lessons, and meetings for those Advanced drivers who are hoping to go to World Championships.  I think there are 12 four-in-hands here.  The horse inspection will take place at 3 this afternoon. It is always interesting to get a first look at the advanced horses. 

The weather forecast looks quite pleasant for the rest of the week – high 70s and partly cloudy.  No rain. I guess they had quite a bit of rain last week, but hopefully it will dry up, but not too much – we don’t want dust either.


One response to “Arrived at Live Oak

  1. meredith moore

    Thank you for doing this!! Cheering from Aiken SC for Janelle Marshall and Muffy Seaton!!

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