Getting ready for Southern Pines CDE

I know competitors appreciate all the work that organizers do to provide a great event, but I’m not sure that unless they’ve put on a CDE themselves, they could possible know just how many hours go into it.  Someone should keep track of the total hours sometime.  Maybe I’ll do it next year. 

We are setting records for high temperature here in Southern Pines.  We went from winter straight to spring, with highs in the mid 90s this week.  That’s bad enough, but the pine pollen is unbelieveble.  Ian Douglas went out to look at the course in a golf cart and came back absolutely green -covered in pollen. 

A few competitors have arrived.  We have the best stabling anywhere – permanent stalls, lovely doors, mats, good ventilation, deep overhangs, permanent wash racks, permanent manure pits, electric outlets outside every stall, and plenty of parking space.  There are permanent hook-ups for campers.  We have a lovely area for an office in the main Carolina Horse Park office.  It’s a home that’s been converted, so there is a kitchen, bathroom and (yea!) air-conditioning!  And a big copy machine that does it all.  A secretary’s dream (that’s me this weekend). 

It is supposed to cool off for the weekend and be in the high 60s and low 70s – perfect weather.  The hazards are being marked, the dressage rings set up, the brand new judges boxes are in place and waiting for shingles to be put on for the finishing touch.  The new hazard is looking good.  I’ll try and post photos of all the hazards as soon as they are finished. 

New this year will be a sponsors’ tent set in between the two dressage rings. Then on cones day, the cones course will be a U shape around it.  It should be very nice!


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