Thursday at Southern Pines

New Dressage Judges' Boxes

Competitors are always eager to pick up their packets to get their competitor number, and in particular find out what time they drive dressage.  Being able to post it online and on the board helps ease their anxiety.  Work was still being done to finish up the brand new judges boxes even as the Horse Inspection began.  The Horse Inspection took place on another brand new feature at SPCDE – a jog pad.  That also was finished just in the nick of time. 

A course walk was actually held – something that isn’t as common as it once was – but just on Section E.  That was the only time competitors could drive their ATVs and golf carts on the course.  It was followed by a briefing by Kelly Valdes and T.D. Ian Douglas, and that was followed by a light supper for all. 

Everyone was glad that the predicted storm hit during the night, didn’t do any damage, but did cool down the temperatures and knock down the pine pollen.


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