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Iron Horse Marathon Is Over

No accidents, only one turnover so it was a very successful day.  The overnight rain did make the going on the track a little thick and added a couple of inches to the water obstacles.  The cool, misty temps in the morning gave way to sunshine and humidity in the afternoon.  Horses and ponies were tired.  The officials added 2 minutes to Section E for the Advanced section. and extended the rest halt by five minutes for the advanced horse classes.

Barbara Chapman in the Bridge

Barbara Chapman was the only one in her class, Intermediate Pair Horse and it’s only the second time the horses have competed as a pair

Janelle Marshall in Obstacle Five

Janelle Marshall, representing Australia was second on the marathon. Jada Neubauer ws first, winning five of the seven obstacles.

Eugen Hug in Obstacle Five

Eugen Hug of Canada drove very well to score second in the marathon in the Advanced Four-in-Hand Class. Josh Rector won the marathon. Chester Weber had a groom down in the first obstacle which cost him 10 penalties and the marathon win.

There were a lot of spectators on the hilltop where they could easily see most of the obstacles without much effort.  Although there were a few who chased after their favorite competitor.

Casey Zubek retired between obstacle three and four. Apparently he didn’t walk the track between those obstacles to know that there was a tree in the middle of the track (plenty of room to go around either side) and when the team came upon it, the leaders missed it, but one wheeler hit it.

Everyone is looking forward to the competitor’s party tonight. Something interesting always happens at Iron Horse.

More photos and blog tomorrow.


The Start of the Iron Horse Marathon

It’s a misty morning. It rained last night, but the ground should stay firm. Coming down the long drive, it reminds me of the TV show “Dallas” and Southfork.  The weather is perfect for the horses, and if it stays just misty, it won’t be bad for the volunteers either.  It is supposed to burn off later and be in the low 80s.

Carol Millhoan, Pre. Pair Pony, 1st after dressage

For those who don’t go until later, breakfast is available at the Iron Horse Cafe – their specialty is the Iron Horse breakfast: two huge blueberry pancakes, two scrambled eggs and two sausages!  That will keep you going for a while!

Terri Birk, Preliminary Single Horse, sets off on Section A

There is a very large area for the rest halt and the vet check at the end of Section E.  It makes it very easy for the officials, volunteers and grooms to do their jobs.

Dressage at Iron Horse

It was a dreary day weather wise, cloudy but pleasantly cool which was very much appreciated by all.  In the afternoon when the Advanced started, a light drizzle began but didn’t dampen anyone very much. 

Park benches lined the main dressage ring making it a very pleasant place to sit and watch the Intermediate and Advanced tests. Spectator attendance was light, consisting mostly of competitors and their crews.

Shelly Temple, Advanced Single Pony

There are a lot of things that make Iron Horse stand out. Special air-conditioned trailers with flush toilets and real sinks are one. That may sound weird, but five days of regular portable toilets gets old fast.

There is a permanent barn just for the vendors so they can stay warm (or cool) and dry.  After dressage they hosted a wine, cheese and chocolate reception.

Sterling Graburn, Intermediate Single Horse

Dale Govus, Adv. Single Pony

Jeff LaDue

Penny Stuckey Freeman - pretty in pink.

Iron Horse Inspection

All horses and ponies at the Advanced level were passed by the vet and ground jury this afternoon. All were beautifully turned out, and remarkably well-behaved – no rearing and plunging.  The course walk will start soon.  The track is as smooth as a golf course fairway, and the black-eyed susans are in full bloom.

Gavin Robson's horses confer before the jog

T.D. Tom Knicker answers a question for Mike McLennan

Chester Weber

Iron Horse Obstacles

The Round Barn

Obstacle 2 - The Planters

Obstacle 3 -The Bridge

Obstacle 4 - The Triangles

Obstacle 5 - The Water

Obstacle 6 - The Gulch

Obstacle 7 - The Formal Garden

Preliminary competitors do not do obstacles 3  and 4 – the Bridge and the Triangles.

Iron Horse off to a great start

Iron Horse CDE was kicked off in great style on Wednesday  night. Jack Wetzel hosted a party for all competitors (and there are over 70!) at his home in Barrington, Il.  It is about a hour from Iron Horse so three buses were needed to transport everyone there. Hill’nDale Farm, which is owned by the Duchossois family is over 600 hundred acres, and is just beautiful.  Everyone enjoyed getting together in a relaxed atmosphere before the actual stress of the competition begins. 

This morning the officials, Gerrit Karaai, Martha Nicoll, Sem Groenewoud are looking at the course. Lisa Singer is walking the dressage test and obstacles with a group of drivers.  The horse inspection will be at 1, and a briefing at 4, followed by a welcome dinner in the hospitality tent. 

Everything has a fresh coat of paint and looks fabulous.  There are 11 horse four-in-hands entered, so it will be an exciting event.  The weather looks promising – not too hot and those from the south think that it is cool here even in the 80s!