Iron Horse off to a great start

Iron Horse CDE was kicked off in great style on Wednesday  night. Jack Wetzel hosted a party for all competitors (and there are over 70!) at his home in Barrington, Il.  It is about a hour from Iron Horse so three buses were needed to transport everyone there. Hill’nDale Farm, which is owned by the Duchossois family is over 600 hundred acres, and is just beautiful.  Everyone enjoyed getting together in a relaxed atmosphere before the actual stress of the competition begins. 

This morning the officials, Gerrit Karaai, Martha Nicoll, Sem Groenewoud are looking at the course. Lisa Singer is walking the dressage test and obstacles with a group of drivers.  The horse inspection will be at 1, and a briefing at 4, followed by a welcome dinner in the hospitality tent. 

Everything has a fresh coat of paint and looks fabulous.  There are 11 horse four-in-hands entered, so it will be an exciting event.  The weather looks promising – not too hot and those from the south think that it is cool here even in the 80s!


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