The Start of the Iron Horse Marathon

It’s a misty morning. It rained last night, but the ground should stay firm. Coming down the long drive, it reminds me of the TV show “Dallas” and Southfork.  The weather is perfect for the horses, and if it stays just misty, it won’t be bad for the volunteers either.  It is supposed to burn off later and be in the low 80s.

Carol Millhoan, Pre. Pair Pony, 1st after dressage

For those who don’t go until later, breakfast is available at the Iron Horse Cafe – their specialty is the Iron Horse breakfast: two huge blueberry pancakes, two scrambled eggs and two sausages!  That will keep you going for a while!

Terri Birk, Preliminary Single Horse, sets off on Section A

There is a very large area for the rest halt and the vet check at the end of Section E.  It makes it very easy for the officials, volunteers and grooms to do their jobs.


One response to “The Start of the Iron Horse Marathon

  1. What lovely reporting and beautiful photos. You showed me the things that I was too busy to see. As always I enjoy your command of the language. Thanks for the great view of Iron Horse.

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