Cones at Iron Horse

It was HOT. Cones started at 8 a.m. which was early, but that meant that it was over by 2 ish, which was good for the poor volunteers who had to sit in the sun all day.  The organizers provided umbrella tables which did give them some relief, and there was lots of water to keep them hydrated.

In previous years, cones was held on top in front of the big tent, and incorporated the bridge.  This year the course was set in the grass dressage arena, which provided a flat surface.  Unfortunately it was too far from the big tent so that spectators really couldn’t sit up there and see anything.

Another problem for everyone was the poor communication.  The hired announcer cancelled at the last minute before the start of the event, so each day we had someone different. Susie Koos Aker of the ADS filled in on Saturday and did the best of the three.  Also, the radios did not work well, so communication to the cones setters was difficult, between the officials almost impossible.  Between the scorer and announcer basically non-existant. So it was often a mystery to us all what the penalties were, if there were time penalties and how the placings stayed or stayed the same. But it was what it was, and everyone did the best they could to keep the show going.  

The complete results are on

Dennis Yancho, Preliminary Champion with Makiva

Muffy Seaton taking a victory lap

Bill Long

There were no double clear rounds at the Advanced Level, and only four made the time. Deb Laderoute had a lame horse at the vet check and couldn’t drive cones. A couple areas of the course got quite deep as the ground hasn’t had a chance to dry completely after Friday night’s rain.

10 fours


2 responses to “Cones at Iron Horse

  1. Great blog, Ann – but there was one person in ADV who didn’t hit a cone – hooray, it was me!!

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