Saturday at Walnut Hill

It was another beautiful day.  A little on the warm side, but not nearly as hot as it has been and no rain which is always good.  Great crowds.  Ed Young, WH manager says he thinks that from the reports from the people at the gate that spectators numbers are up.  The seats were full.  One of the little details that are taken care of is that all the chairs are wiped off each morning from the heavy dew. So many little details are taken care of, which is what you can do when you run a show in the same venue with the same commitment for 39 years.  T.D. Phil Ferro says that some volunteers are second generation.  The highlights today were the Park, Ladies Wicker Phaeton Picnic Turnout Class, the Old Guard Class, and the Retirement ceremony for Mac, who has won many classes for owner/driver Louisa Plummer.

Louisa Plummer in the Old Guard class

Announcer Peter Doubleday (who pretty much keeps the show running) reported that the combined ages of all the competitors in the Old Guard class was 1120 years!

Mac's Retirement withP.J. Crowley at his head

Audrey Bostwick in cross country obstacles

Remember that I mentioned that Walnut Hill could be seen on the New York Thruway, well this is how close it actually is:

Driving Near the Thruway

Marilyn MacFarlane on the cross country course

Mary Jo Stockman in the Picnic Turnout class

After being judged in the ring, the entries left the ring and then unhitched their horses who were led away, and then the picnics were unpacked and set up on waiting tables.  The judges visited each one before the competitors were able to finally enjoy the fruits of their efforts.

One of the picnics. They were all fabulous.

Picnic carriage

Tomorrow is the Presentation Pleasure Drive. Competitors leave from the show ring class by class and drive along the road to a public park where the judges will be waiting.  If the weather is good, I plan to go to the park and photograph.  If not, well, we’ll have to see.


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