Walnut Hill 2010

Walnut Hill. What can I say that will do today justice in this blog?  First, I think the competitors, volunteers, managment, and even spectators have honored Bill Remley by making this year’s competition the biggest and best yet. So many people commented on how the quality of turnout is superior. The number of horses and ponies entered – 280 – is the largest ever.  There are 60 single ponies! They’ve been divided into large and small, and those classes have been divided into A and B. The Miniature Horses have their own division. There were 16 entries in the Junior Turnout class this morning. The costume class was over the top. It’s hard to remember that this is a horse show when one sees all the flowers, landscaping, and the beautiful cross country course. Attention to detail is beyond description.  So as they say pictures are worth a thousand words, I’ll get on with it and give you a few photos from the 400 or so I shot today.  Many of these are to give those who haven’t had the Walnut Hill experience a sense of the show.  So my apologize to those who wish to see horses and carriages.  I’ll post more tomorrow.

The Bill Remley Memorial Garden

Friday's crowd

Harley Waller won the Junior driver Turnout class

Great things can be bought at the Carriage Lane Boutiques

The Carriage Museum

Pointing the way

The Miniature Horse turnouts are exceptional

Kirsten Brunner on the cross country course

Harvey Waller

JOhn White. The coaches went on a short drive to Oak Ridge Farm

Kate Whaley -101 Dalmations

Off to see the Wizard of Oz

John Greenall's Fishing Tackle carriage won the Trade/Commercial Turout Class

End of the evening. The Park Division Bonneted Phaetons Evening Turnout.


4 responses to “Walnut Hill 2010

  1. Loving your blog. Perhaps some day we’ll have the Morgans at Walnut Hill. Until then we can only dream…..

  2. I just love the chest of drawers, who sells them??

    Wonderful photos

    • A woman in Pittsford does the painting on furniture. All her work is really outstanding. Worth the trip just to see it all.

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