Presentation Pleasure Drive at Walnut Hill

I left from the show site to drive to Mendon Pond Park – the destination for the Presentation Pleasure Drive – at a quarter to 9.  The drive was to start at 9. It had rained over night, and looked iffy.  After I crossed over the thruway and turned onto Canfield Rd., I started to see all the people lining the road in their lawn chairs with their coffee. Others had more elaborate set ups – tables laden with food and beverage. Some even had tents!  I’m not sure how long the drive was one way, but it was at least 2-3 miles, maybe more.  Obviously this drive is much anticipated by the community.  I arrived at the park and found that there was a spot with a lovely background to take pictures.

Kathryn Gallant

The rain held off until all the turnouts had arrived, and then it started.  Fortunately it looked like most of the drivers had planned ahead and hats were either covered or replaced with rain hats, raingear was donned and then they all set off, after having a beverage, back to Walnut Hill for the afternoon classes. 

Tom Burgess arrives at Mendon Pond Park

And then the rain came

Raymond Cable


One response to “Presentation Pleasure Drive at Walnut Hill

  1. What a beautiful place for a drive. How sad that it rained – but then again, it is Rochester, NY and that’s par for the course! I used to stable my horse next to Mendon Ponds Park when I was in school. I’d ride on beautiful trails throughout the park. Thanks for bringing back great memories!

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