A Little from the Laurels

My good intentions to post daily obviously didn’t happen.  I should have known that being the Secretary/office manager here at The Laurels is a 15 hour a day job, and leaves little time for reporting.  I haven’t seen much outside of the four walls of the office.

After Hurricane Hannah in 2008 and torrential rains on dressage day in 2009 that turned the marathon into a mud pit, the weather this year couldn’t have been nicer.  Although Sunday has started out with a little rain.  It seems to have stopped now. 

Kennett Square is the mushroom capital of the world and is very near The Laurels. On this same weekend the town hosts a Mushroom Festival.   The fragrance from the nearby mushroom farms wafts through the air.

Although The Laurels was to be the final selection trial for the four-in-hands bound for WEG, instead the weekend turned into a team training session.  The fours didn’t actually compete.  They did not participate in the horse inspection, the dressage scores were not published.  The marathon was an exhibition, and only a few stayed to do cones.  Chester Weber drove his modified marathon at 8 a.m. and then provided commentary at noon when the other fours were scheduled to drive.

Following the course walk and briefing on Thursday, competitors and volunteers were treated to a barbecue sponsored by Hunt’s Harness, Driving Essentials, Kendalwood Farm.  On Friday, all were invited to an exhibition of art by local artists and sculptors with Brandywine Prime providing hors’ d oeuvres.  The huge Patron’s Tent is situated almost on top of the water obstacle – Palmer’s Bridge, and was filled with hundreds of people all day long. They enjoyed a delicious buffet lunch. “Rock Around the Clock” was the theme for the competitors’ party Saturday night.

Complete results can be found at http://www.drivingnews.us

I will add more info and photos when I get home.


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