Friday at The National Drive

Driving, driving everywhere! The Hoosier Horse Park offers hundreds of acres of driving opportunity. A former army base, (there is still a real one across the road) there are miles of old macadam roads as well as trails through the woods and fields to drive on. The organizers of the Indiana CDE have kept the obstacles marked and the cones course that was used set up as well as the dressage arena so participants have all that to enjoy in addition to the marked drives.

Bill Lower started the morning off with a talk on using the whip.  It kind of morphed into a talk on rein handling and Achenbach style which was fine. 

Bill Lower helps a driver learn Achenbach rein handling

Jeff Morse followed with a check list of things you need to do to ensure that you are secure and comfortable on the box seat.  Both talks were well attended.  Mostly ladies gathered around after lunch to watch Sherri Lower put together winning driving outfits. She has such skill when it comes to matching just the right scarf to set off the perfect hat and apron.

Sherri Lower puts together a winning outfit

 A trace pace was scheduled late in the afternoon. All day long lessons were given by Bill Lower, Andy Marcoux, Paul Maye and Muffy Seaton.  Their sign up sheets were full and when I left after 7 this evening, lessons were still going on.

Andy Marcous give a lesson

The work never ends for the National Drive organizers. Len Courtemanche and David Sadler were out marking out the Trace Pace course just before lunch.

Len Courtemanche and David Sadler hard at work

Schooling the water hazard


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