Saturday at The National Drive

It’s another beautiful day. Starts out in the high 50s but soon gets to the upper 70s with lots of sunshine. The day started with the Drivers’ meeting and coffee and donuts supplied by Driving Digest. There are still people arriving so Mike Lyon and others went over the events of the day with reminders about safety checks, etc. I’m sure people are wondering how the Hoosier Horse Park as a site for the National Drive compares with the Kentucky Horse Park. At first glance, the Indiana site isn’t as fancy or lush, but there are many positive features and the drivers are the ones who have told me that they really enjoy the extensive area for driving.  And there aren’t any other activities going on, so we have the place to ourselves. One drive covers 8 1/2 miles. The stalls are 12 x 12 and permanent with large overhangs. The camping area is very close. Attached to the indoor arena where the vendors are is a real little restaurant with real food.  My BLT had about 1/2 pound of bacon in it! There are permanent restrooms and a shower facility. So far all the comments I’ve heard are positive. Mike Lyon got an enthusiastic affirmative response when he asked the crowd if they wished to return in a couple of years.

The sign up sheets for lessons are full.  Paul Maye started off this morning with a talk/demonstration on rein handling and the Achenbach style using a couple of different reinboards. He had quite a large audience. Bill Lower took over the long lining demo from Mary Ruth Marks who apparently couldn’t attend because of illness. I didn’t see this because I was offered a seat on a golf cart to head out to watch some drivers tackle the water obstacle and cones course.

This afternoon the schedule says there is an Orienteering driving activity, but I listened in to Melissa Boyd giving a tutorial on how to use the compass and how the drive was going to work, and I suspect we may lose a few! Sounds complicated.  We’ll see.

Paul Maye demonstrates using the Achenbach style for driving a four-in-hand

Jeff Morse gives a lesson to a future world champion

It's a beautiful day for a drive


One response to “Saturday at The National Drive

  1. I’m not surprised! I tried Orienteering a few times (BSA & ridden equine) and thought my head would explode. Sometimes it’s easier to get lost… lol!

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