Horse Inspection and Presentation at WEG

Brilliant sunshine, very cool mornings, perfect fall weather in the afternoon and evening. Twenty-six teams were presented for the Ground Jury this morning. There were many horses who were asked to jog twice and several who were put in the holding box for reinspection.  Unfortunately several were not accepted for competition: one of Deb Laderoute’s (Lucky Boy), Ludwig Weinmayr of Germany (Red Run), and two of David Saunders (Sam Spade and Rocky) which sadly meant that he will not be competing.  Every spectator felt so badly for David Saunders after two years of hard work to finally get to the championships. 

The jog pad

Gavin Robson's team wait their turn

It was fun to see Presentation the way it used to be at a World Championship. Each competitor had three minutes to be judged by one of the three judges and then a bell rang and they moved around to the next judge for three minutes, and then after three minutes moved again to be judged by the final judge. The first place will receive $5000!  All entries were given a bottle of champagne as they entered the dressage arena. While they didn’t actually drive in the dressage ring – the judging took place behind the booths  on three sides – they did get the opportunity to let their horses have a look at what they will see tomorrow during the dressage test. 

It was fun to watch the grooms get the teams ready to be judged. 

Getting ready for Presentation

The Finished Product - Jim Fairclough with Jane Clark

Jim Fairclough, who has won Presentation many times, was second to Chester Weber. Tucker Johnson was third.

Being judged

Dressage starts tomorrow at 9 a.m.  Because of the low number of entries, there will only be six drivers in each of the four sessions.  Nice long lunch break which will be appreciated, because it is a long walk from the dressage stadium to the food courts.  Although those volunteers, staff and others who have golf carts have been very considerate and offered those who are walking rides.

The day ended with a reception at Freedman Harness in nearby Midway, Kentucky.


One response to “Horse Inspection and Presentation at WEG

  1. Great turnout and presentation. Nice to see behind the scenes with “coats off”.

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