Pine Tree CDE off to a sunny start

Even though dressage and cones don’t start until Saturday, the parking area is filling up with trailers and competitors and their friends are walking the obstacles.

Waiting for the first competitor

The fun thing about having a competition around Halloween is the great opportunities the holiday provides for decorations.  Even some of the competitors have been known to drive the marathon in costume. After the seriousness of WEG, a two day, Training, Preliminary, Intermediate event is a breath of fresh air. And the air promises to be free of rain and excessive heat or cold.

Several of the obstacles, all on the property of Claire Reid and her Big Sky Farm in Southern Pines, N.C. have had some extra posts and rails added for more options for the course designer.

Here are some photos.  Some are hard to photograph because they are in the shade.

Obstacle 1, The Woods

Obstacle 2, Bamboo City

The Hump

Obstacle 4, The Pumpkins

Obstacle 5, Princeton Triangles

Obstacle 6, The Gates


One response to “Pine Tree CDE off to a sunny start

  1. Good luck everyone. Wish we were there but will keep up to date with Ann’s fine blog.

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