Pine Tree, the day before

All have arrived. All were fed a great dinner following the competitor briefing, and then there was still time to walk their dressage test or walk some hazards before it got dark, although the full moon might provide enough light for some hardy souls who are brave enough to walk among the grave stones in obstacle 2!

Kelly Valdes, Amy Dragsta, Ellen Ettenger in the office

While the number of competitors remains constant, it seems as if the size of their rigs keeps expanding!  There are ample camping spots at Pine Tree, but still, space is at somewhat of a premium.

Organizer Kelly Valdes reminded competitors that we compete at the pleasure of the landowners, and if abused, the fun will end. So she reminded people not to drive their golf carts, ATVs, etc. on Section A. She reminded people that golf carts would not be allowed in the area of the obstacles on Sunday.  It is sometimes hard to determine where one can go and one cannot. But one of the nice things about Pine Tree is that one really can walk to all the obstacles without a golf cart if one is the least bit fit. (And it would be good for us all to walk a little bit more!)

Tomorrow morning, Tracey Morgan will preside over dressage, with Lisa Singer at the side. Marcie Quist will judge cones.

Competitors await the briefing

Obstacle 4 - the Pumpkins


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