Dressage and Cones at Pine Tree

I spent my day working for the official photographer Kelly Butler.  She covered the dressage and I did the cones.  The cones is by far the prettiest of the two assignments.  The course drove well, in my humble non-driver opinion. There were quite a few double clear rounds. The course had some tight turns, but also areas where you could run a bit.  One competitor had a trace come undone and couldn’t fix it, so she was eliminated, unfortunately. 

There were many lovely turnouts, and they really shone in the bright sunshine.  There were three pony four-in-hands, two were driven by junior drivers and both went double clear. The other was Caroline Whittle with a team of Haflingers.

Shelly Temple drove a pair at Preliminary made up of her own Cooper and Jack Wetzel’s Harry.  They looked lovely and go together very well.  It seems like there were a several experience drivers with new or different horses and ponies.

I hope to be able to post some photos, but at the moment Kelly Butler is downloading the to her computer so the competitors can see them at the show. If not tonight, I’ll get to them tomorrow.

Results, when official, will be posted at http://www.drivingnews.com


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