Pine Tree Marathon

Pine Tree offers classes for Training, Preliminary and Intermediate, but not Advanced. It was really great to have WEG driver Gary Stover and Bob and Susie Cook (Cindy O’Reilly’s parents) volunteering as hazard judges. 

Tommy Doonan did the safety check

The weather couldn’t have been nicer, cool in the morning, bright sunshine all day, but the temperatures didn’t get much over 75 (that’s my guess, anyway).

While the number of young drivers may be small, they make up for it with skill.  Maggie Sullivan and Riena won the Intermediate single pony class, and was best junior driver.  Jacob Arnold did a great job driving his first marathon with a four-in-hand of ponies. It was hard to believe he’s only been driving four for a few months.  Brianna Ek drove her grandmother’s team of Welsh ponies at the Intermediate level, and was the only one in her class. She did a great job, but had a corrected course in the last hazard.

Maggie Sullivan at Obstacle 6

Ray Mansur, 3rd in Prelim Pair Pony

Kaboom and Sara Schmitt explode through The Gates

Brianna Ek driving through the 'graveyard' in The Bamboo City

Winners at Pine Tree go home with a lot of loot!  Claire Reid provides snacks and sandwiches for the volunteers and competitors while they wait for the results to be tabulated and announced. 



One response to “Pine Tree Marathon

  1. Lovely pics…particularly the last one with the ribbons on the chairs!

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