Friday at Katydid

The rain has stopped, the sun was shining this morning, but it has clouded back up and is still cold.  The judges just came in for the lunch break and their hands are so cold – they seem to feel a need to touch us to prove it!  Soup of the day for officials and volunteers is lobster bisque and split pea soup!  The lobster bisque is famous here.

Katydid is the second leg of the Carolina Challenge.  Those who competed two weeks ago at Pine Tree CDE in Southern Pines and are competing here will have their scores combined. 

Secretary Peggy Dils says “If you’re not here, you are missing a good time!”  It’s fun to see Chester Weber wearing a different hat – judging rather than competing.  I’m sure the Training Level competitors feel very special to be judged by the silver medalist at the World Equestrian Games.

Chester Weber judging dressage

Tomorrow, since the training level only does Section E, the Intermediate single ponies will be starting on Section A at the same time. By the time the Intermediates get to Section E, the Training Level will be finished.

Here are some of the beautiful obstacle decorations:


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