Katydid – Marathon Day

Ok, enough of the cold weather – this is South Carolina! It got down into the 30s overnight, and it doesn’t seem much warmer now at about noon. I’m surprised the water hazard didn’t have a skim of ice on it. 

Last night a dinner in the big tent was held for the volunteers.  The hot chili was very much appreciated by those who had been in the cold all day. The big propane heaters did a great job as well, so it was very cozy in there.  Each volunteer had been given a ticket and there was a drawing for gifts.

The training level was about half finished when the intermediate single ponies  started on Section A.

Claudia DeLorme in Obstacle 6

Another great attention to detail here: they’ve tied a string to a  pair of reading glasses and attached them to the board where the scores are posted. With all us aging baby boomers, they are being well used!

Course designer Barry  Hunter is setting up the cones course while the marathon is going on, so by the time it is over, competitors will be able to walk the course tonight instead of waiting until tomorrow morning. 

Setting up the cones course

Jessica Brister

Paul Maye

Claire Reid

Joan Schisler was on her way to completing obstacle four (the one with the cow) with her tandem, when the carriage hit a post and flipped over, dumping the driver and navigator out, and the horses dragged the carriage on its side for a way before stopping.  People and horses seem to be ok, but probably very bruised. The show went on. Earlier in the day Dwayne Pash had a tip over.

Already competitors are walking the cones course as the marathon goes on.

Dana Bright in the Carousel while Fred Merriam heads to the last obstacle

There will be a competitors’ dinner in the big tent tonight.


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