A Happy New Year for a lucky pair of ponies

A large grey pair of ponies will have a very happy new year thanks to a special person. Just before Christmas, Kelly Valdes was visiting her family in New Jersey when she read on Facebook about a pair being sold at auction, destined for slaughter.  The notation on their listing said they weren’t broke to ride, but did drive tandem! With little hesitation, Kelly bought the pair and has brought them home to North Carolina. 

It’s too early to tell how the story will end, but so far “they are very sweet,” says Kelly.  Hopefully with  Kelly’s expert care along with others, these two ponies will have many happy years of driving.  Once she knows that they will be safe driving ponies, Kelly hopes to find them a new home.

Happy New Year to you all!


3 responses to “A Happy New Year for a lucky pair of ponies

  1. Way to go Kelley Valdez, a wonderful start to 2011

  2. What a great story to be told, thanks Ann for sharing. Kelly, you are kind soul….please keep us posted.

  3. As an owner of three small white ponies, lucky for these – lucky owner – I’d delight to hear how you get on, especially with the tandem driving (sigh…)

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