Instant Gratification

Does anyone remember when we had to wait for a print publication to come out to see the complete results of a competition?  Then came faxes, but not everyone had a machine  available to send or receive them, particularly from a World Championship in Europe.

Fast forward to today.  Some of us have been waiting breathlessly for results from the first major combined driving event – Sunshine State – in Ocala, Florida. Now that some shows are able to post scores by “live scoring,” not everyone has that equipment or internet access.  We have become spoiled.

For those of us enduring crappy, winter weather, we look forward to ‘spectating’ via the internet. The score board tells a good story.  Last year, there were 13 four-in-hands competing at the FEI level at Sunshine State. This year, there is one – Chester Weber.  Last year, there were 10 Single Horses. This year, there are four (I think). Last year, there was one FEI pair horse entry. This year there are eight. It’s all about who’s World Championship year it is.

I like to see who the competitors are.  Who has moved up, changed from a single to a pair, or who is now driving a four-in-hand.  I see that my friend Barbara Chapman from Michigan is driving a pair at the FEI level – go Barb! I see that Joe Yoder is back on the scene driving a pair for Jack Wetzel. One thing that is missing from the results sheet is the owner of the horses.  I just happen to know that Joe has moved from Montana and is now working and driving for Wetzel.

If you want to follow the results of most competitions, both sanctioned events and club competitions, check out  If the scorers and/or organizers send them to this site, they will be there.

Now to wait for today’s results with the Training through Intermediate levels to see how my friend Kelly Valdes did with her new horse Wonderboy!


One response to “Instant Gratification

  1. Wonderboy & Kelly are doing great !!!

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