It’s Raining

It’s Sunday. It’s raining. I’m glad.

I guess that about 95% of driving activities take place outside. That means that organizers, drivers and volunteers are always thinking about the weather. If the forecast is not good, making a decision to cancel, postpone, or delay an activity is a difficult one.

That’s what our club was faced with this weekend. An HDT was scheduled for Sunday – today – and 30 drivers had entered. Volunteers were scheduled. Courses were set.  But the forecast for Sunday predicted a 70% chance of rain – sometimes heavy – with the possibility of lightning and thunder. 

So, on Friday morning, our little group met for breakfast and made the difficult decision to hold the HDT on Saturday, one day earlier.  We bolted our eggs and bacon, then scattered to reorganize, contact competitors, contact volunteers and hope that we made the right call.

All but two or three drivers said they’d be there.  But only two or three volunteers said they could.  The start was delayed so that the drivers had more time to inspect the obstacles, walk the cones and dressage.  Early Saturday morning, an email blast was sent to the entire club, asking that anyone who could volunteer to meet at 10:30. 

At 10 o’clock, I had a list of jobs with very few names next to them.  One by one, they appeared.  The first few had never volunteered for a CDE before, so they received a crash course, and were delivered to their positions.  I was deliriously happy to see a few exceptionally experienced and reliable people appear, and they were quickly deployed.  At least we had delicious Panera Bread sandwiches to sent out to them.

It was a little disjointed, but everyone pitched in, did double or triple duty, did things they’d never done before.  The best part was that the drivers and volunteers were very agreeable and thankful that the date had been changed so they didn’t have to drive in the rain. 

I’m glad it’s raining today.


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