Southern Pines CDE

Day One. Although it seems as if we’ve been going full steam ahead since Monday.  The Carolina Horse Park has their biggest event of the year here the weekend before our event, with about 9,000 spectators for the Stoneybook Steeplechase.  So on Monday there are about 100 tents, about that many portojohns in and around our obstacles and Section E track.  Hundreds of cars parked on our dressage rings.  We were very glad that it didn’t rain!  But now, all evidence is gone, and we are ready to start dressage bright and early tomorrow morning.

Our officials all arrived, although Sarah Mullins missed her connection (not fault of her own) and so the ground jury didn’t arrive until close to midnight. But they were here early to inspect and approve the course so packets could be completed and handed out on time.

The horse inspection is over.  Only one, sadly, didn’t pass. Now we are waiting for the briefing.  No course walk.

No new obstacles or major changes were made to the course, but a new electronic timer will be in place for cones which will make it much more interesting for the spectators and helpful to the drivers.

We have been enjoying lovely weather, cool in the morning, but mid 70s by afternoon, however it is probably going to thunderstorm on marathon day, but we’ll hope that the weatherman is wrong, as he has so often been this year.


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