Surviving the storm

Thanks to brilliant forethought by the officials, the marathon was finished well before the storms hit our area.  There was a brief shower when Lisa Stroud was in the obstacles (apparently it always rains when she competes, so if you are in a drought, invite her to your show!)  While the final scores were being processed, the siren for a tornado went off, but all we got at the Carolina Horse Park were strong winds and strong rain.  Other areas weren’t so lucky. The tv reported that there were 105 tornadoes yesterday, the majority in North Carolina. 

The tents stayed up at Big Sky where the competitors’ party was held, and over 100 people enjoyed a beef tenderloin dinner and rehashed the day’s events.  All the competitors were grateful for the changes that kept them safe and dry.

Today, the sun is shining, and because we are in the Sandhills area, the ground has absorbed all the rain that flooded the ground yesterday, and we should have a very nice day for cones.  We have a new electronic score board making its debut. That should make it more exciting for the spectators.  Let’s hope there are no glitches.

We had one tip over yesterday.  Catherine Levasseur flipped in obstacle 1. No serious injuries, just bruises.  Claire Glenn almost took out a spectator/photographer who should not have been inside the log pile obstacle. Claire had dropped a rein and made an unexpected turn which took her between two trees that were a little too narrow, but with a bump or two she made it, but the spectator was standing behind one of them!  Note to spectators – never go inside an obstacle – you never know where a competitor might go.  The only two times I left the office to see some of the marathon, I saw these two incidents, so I decided to stay put in the office.  Too much excitment for this secretary!


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