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Sunday Morning at Bromont – more with photos

It’s drizzling for the start of cones.  We have a leisurely 10 a.m. start.  Cones were originally scheduled to start at 9, but with only 40+ entries, the organizers thought that it would be over before the sponsors and other spectators had a chance to arrive after going to church.  Even so, we should be finished by two.  This decision wasn’t announced until the competitors’ party was in full swing, but it was better than starting an hour earlier, in case someone didn’t find out about the change.

The course was open yesterday afternoon for competitors to walk, which was greatly appreciated.  It’s especially important to the Training level drivers who don’t have as much help, and often need extra time to walk the course, and with the vet check a hour before, it is really a problem. 

The course is set in one of the big new outdoor jumping arenas.  The announcer and judges are sitting upstairs in a large room with huge windows.  The building I’m in will be a permanent office for competition secretaries.  Real toilet facilities are on the outside, and there is a covered patio for spectators.  Yesterday during the marathon, spectators could sit there and watch the Intermediate and FEI drivers do the bridge obstacle.  A bar was set up selling soft drinks, beer and wine. 

During the competitors’ party, awards were given for best dressage, best marathon, and cash prizes were distributed to the FEI drivers. At a CAI-A, prize money is required.  $4000 will be split up. 

It really was no surprise that the Quebec drivers won the marathon.  They are incredibly fast and courageous.  In the Intermediate Pair Horse class, Jacques Lemieux would have won the marathon if he hadn’t turned over in an obstacle. He uprighted himself and continued on.

Now that cones is underway and things are quiet, I’m going to have breakfast!

Peter Harding -3rd place Intermediate Pair HorseBarbara Chapman - 1st Intermediate Pair Horse