Metamora CDE

I think it is harder to find time to blog at my home event than when I am away from home.  This year I’m back to being the secretary of the Metamora Combined Driving Event.  I was secretary for more than 10 years then gave the fun to someone else.   The Metamora CDE is the longest running event in this country.  We are 27 years old this year.  Another fun thing about MCDE is that if usually falls around my birthday, and this year it happens to be today!  It’s great to celebrate with so many friends!

The event is held at Barbara Chapman’s Windrush Farm, and this is the third venue for MCDE.  I think we’ve been here for 10 years now. 

We were worried that our entry would be low because people had trouble conditioning after a hard winter and very rainy spring.  We ended up with 40, which is a nice size.  It’s nice to finish each day a little early.  So far, it has been a very relaxing event.  No issues with dressage. 

The marathon is underway.  The three VSEs started the day and are finished.  A VSE tandem was first.  We have a new Section A, which was designed to eliminate some of the hills that make Metamora somewhat difficult so early in the season.  However, that part of the course is lovely, shady, and it’s kind of a shame that we aren’t using it. 

The weather has been lovely.  70s to low 80s, a light breeze, there was a little rain on Thursday, but nothing significant.

Being secretary means I haven’t been able to get out and take photos.  Maybe later…….


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