We finished up Metamora CDE on Sunday and left for Bromont early Monday morning.  It was an 11 hour trip, but was uneventful.  This is our second year being secretary and scorer here and it’s much less stressful when you know where to go and what to expect.  Since last year, they have rebuilt a building which serves as an office for the secretary, permanent bathrooms, a covered area overlooking the big outdoor arenas which I’m assuming is for sponsors.  It will be used this weekend for the vin and frommage party (we are in Quebec!)

They have built some new obstacles.  All the dressage will be held in the grass arena and all five judges will judge Training through FEI levels. There are 45 competitors we think!  Due to a postal strike in Canada, we are somewhat concerned that some entries were not received. 

The course designer is Gunnar Larsson from Sweden, and he arrived Sunday night and has his work cut out for him figuring out the track and gating the obstacles.  Hopefully all will be completed by tonight and then in the morning the President of the Jury can look at everything and we can prepare the packets.

Competitors have begun to arrive.  The weather has been very nice – high 70s with fairly low humidity, but I’m told that rain is forecasted for the next few days.


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