Dressage Day at Bromont

Rain most of the night and in the early morning, but it stopped in time for the start of standing Presentation at 8 o’clock.  Bromont is one of the only shows that still does standing Presentation at the Training and Preliminary levels.  Dressage started at 9 o’clock with Training Level.  All five judges are judging all the competitors in the grass ring across the road.   The poor president of the jury Joaquin Medina from Spain is still waiting for his luggage which has been missing since he arrived on Wednesday. I doubt anyone will notice since the temperature has cooled down considerably – it is probably in the low 60s, and a little breezy and cloudy. 

The other judges are Francoise Thiry from Belgium, Marsoe LaRose of Canada, Lisa Larson from Sweden, Jamie O’Rourke from the USA. Ed Young is TD. 

Today is a holiday here in Quebec, St. Jean Baptiste Day, held annually on the 24th of June. It is as big as New Years Day here – it is kind of like their Independence Day.  There will be big fireworks tonight. 

Last night we went to the welcome “vin and frommage.” Each competitor was given a small bottle of Pinnacle – an ice cider – made locally.  The wines were all Quebec wine, and the selection of cheese was as well.  Delicious!  The organizers are exceptionally friendly and welcoming.  

The Galop resturant, also across the street, which used to offer meals and drinks for competitors, officials and volunteers is closed this year. We’re disappointed because they served good food in a lovely setting.

Richard Pringle is doing Live Scoring.  You can follow the competition at http://www.drivingnews.us


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