Monthly Archives: July 2011

National Geographic Cover

After 30 years living in our house in Lapeer, Michigan, it would appear that we have sold it.  Most of my energy has been spent packing up my office. Years worth of photos, stored in boxes, albums, binders with negatives -it is a daunting proposition.  And it’s very hard to keep focused on the packing process without stopping to read and look at everything.

We started heaving hundreds of old National Geographic magazines when one caught my eye: November 1980.  The cover was of Windsor Castle with Prince Philip in the forefront driving a four-in-hand toward the Long Walk on a snowy morning. I think it is the same photo that he used on his latest book (which of course I’ve already packed up so can’t check).  Naturally, I retrieved it and enjoyed reading the article and looking at the wonderful National Geographic quality photos of the castle, and even of Prince Philip driving through the water obstacle (with David Saunders on the back) at the Royal Windsor Horse Show.

Out of hundreds of yellow framed magazines, what were the odds that that particular issue would land on the top of the heap?