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More National Drive

A carriage parade is an annual event on the National Drive schedule.  A fair number of visitors to the Kentucky Horse Park sat on the stone walls near the race track and listened to Thom Mezick give entertaining commentary on each turnout. 

Thom Mezick introduced each turnout in the carriage parade


At the Kentucky Classic CDE, Preliminary and Intermediate competitors drove their dressage and cones. Several National Drive participants are doing double duty.  Mary Ruth Marks is competing with a single horse at the Advanced level and giving lessons in her free time.  Pat Belskie brought her pair of Polish Driving Ponies to the National Drive and is competing at the CDE as well. 

The marathon is underway.  Volunteers were here in the dark this morning awaiting their assignments and enjoying coffee and snacks before being deployed.  After several days of blue sky, abundant sunshine, and warm temperatures, today is overcast and cooler, which is perfect marathon weather.


Double Exposure

Friday was the first real day that the National Drive met the Kentucky Classic CDE.  The CDE started at 1 p.m. with Advanced and Intermediate doing dressage and cones.  Both are being held on the polo field at the extreme end of the Horse Park, so it’s a hike.  A Sponsors’ tent is set in between, and offers food and beverage and even more importantly – shade.  Everyone is invited to sit in the tent with refreshment available for purchase by non-sponsors. 

Jose Hernandez

The voice of Nigel Casserly is once again being heard over the loud-speaker.  Peter Bonhof is the President of the Jury, with Marsoe LaRose and Larry Poulin serving on the jury.  Ian Moller is the T.D., Richard Pringle the scorer. 

The cones course was challenging.  I think that number 3 was knocked down by almost every competitor, and time penalties were accumulated by all but one or two competitors.  You can see the complete results at  . Live scoring is also being done so you don’t have to wait to find out how your favorite driver did. 

Many National Drivers came to watch, at least until later in the afternoon when the lure of the Trace Pace took them back to the barn to hitch up and drive yet again. 

At 5 p.m. another wine and cheese reception started.  This one was even more elaborate with chicken, and other interesting items in addition to cubes of cheese and crackers.  A blue-grass band replaced the previous nights’ karaoke. 

Dressage and cones for Preliminary and a few more Intermediate drivers got underway at 8 a.m., while the National Drive people were having a much more civilized start to their day having coffee and donuts and listening to the morning briefing. Today’s activities include a parade through some of the public parts of the horse park, a long lining demonstration by Bill Lower, the Horse Whisper lady.  Michael Freund, many time World Combined Driving Champion, is conducting a hazard walk, organized by the CDE group for the benefit of the Kentucky Horse Park Foundation.

Having funLong lining by Bill Lower