The National Drive Meets the Kentucky Classic CDE

Busy day yesterday.  Competitors for the CDE and drivers for the National Drive continue to arrive.  Another warm and sunny day.  Shortly after the morning briefing, with coffee and donuts sponsored by Driving Digest, Kathy Blank with her two Hackney ponies invited me to go for a drive and we had a lovely tour of the park as well as a nice visit.  

National Drive organizer Mike Lyon decided that it was important that I drive myself, so he arranged for me to drive his Hackney horse, Patrick.  About noon, Patrick, along with Laura Nuess, picked me up and we went for a very leisurely walk and again, had a nice visit. 

After lunch a pleasure driving clinic was scheduled, and John Greenall who stopped off at the National Drive on his way to the Morgan Grand National in Oklahoma City, was drafted to explain to both audience and class participants about pleasure driving classes.  He talked about the difference between Working, Reinsmanship and Turnout classes and then explained what the judge looks for in each as the drivers were put through their paces. 

Probably the most fun activity of the day was the carriage dog class.  Two sets of seven were brought into the ring and judged by an AKC certified judge.  The variety of dogs was unusal, as were the turnouts they accompanied.  All were awarded blue ribbons and one overall champion was announced at the Wine and Cheese party in the evening. 

The champion of the carriage dog class

A briefing and course walk was held for the CDE competitors and was followed by a barbecue reception put on by the Carriage Association of America. 

The two groups seem to be mingling seemlessly – at least in my opinion.


One response to “The National Drive Meets the Kentucky Classic CDE

  1. Margaret Fairfield

    great photos, love the dogs and the one with the shades made me chuckle. The donkey is very handsome and his driver seems to be having a wonderful time.

    Margaret F
    northwestern ontario

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