More National Drive

A carriage parade is an annual event on the National Drive schedule.  A fair number of visitors to the Kentucky Horse Park sat on the stone walls near the race track and listened to Thom Mezick give entertaining commentary on each turnout. 

Thom Mezick introduced each turnout in the carriage parade


At the Kentucky Classic CDE, Preliminary and Intermediate competitors drove their dressage and cones. Several National Drive participants are doing double duty.  Mary Ruth Marks is competing with a single horse at the Advanced level and giving lessons in her free time.  Pat Belskie brought her pair of Polish Driving Ponies to the National Drive and is competing at the CDE as well. 

The marathon is underway.  Volunteers were here in the dark this morning awaiting their assignments and enjoying coffee and snacks before being deployed.  After several days of blue sky, abundant sunshine, and warm temperatures, today is overcast and cooler, which is perfect marathon weather.


One response to “More National Drive

  1. What a great CDE!!! The weather was perfect and the courses wonderful. The dressage and cones were on a polo field – it was like driving on a putting green. The marathon was more fun than should be legal The Polish Driving Ponies are not quite back up to speed yet, but Maggie’s limited vision didn’t affect her performance and good drugs kept my shoulder pain in check. We had a great run but lost it on the last hazard. A hold and a rushed start rattled us. We slammed into the hazard so hard we popped all of the batteries out of our watches!! But my girls and ‘gator did a nice recovery and we had no time faults. More lessons learned 😉 Cathy is to be commended on an outstanding job; she knows how to keep her competitors happy 🙂 Thanks to all of the volunteers for making it possible for us to play!

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