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Katydid Horse Inspection and Dressage Morning

All passed with one exception. Wilson Groves UVM Worthy was deemed unfit to compete.  No doubt this is very disappointing for Wilson, and hopefully the issue is not serious. He took it in stride, saying “it happens.” 

The briefing was at 3:30 and was followed by an actual draw for starting order for the USEF Singles Championship class.  All the competitors stayed to watch as each driver was called up and asked to pick a special brass plaque and turn it over to see the number on the back which was their starting order for dressage. 

Dressage is now underway.  The mornings in Aiken are very chilly and it rained last night. It is still overcast, so we are hoping that the sun will come out later and warm things up.  It has started to drizzle, and the judges and scribes are very cold in their booths.


Katydid 2011

Advanced singles competitors started arriving on Sunday afternoon for a clinic with Michael Freund that started on Monday morning.  For two days, 17 Advanced single drivers practiced with Freund honing their dressage and cones skills. 

Since this is the USEF Singles Championship, the Advanced level will do eight obstacles.  The course was designed by Barry Hunter, FEI course designer who also designed the courses in Conty, France for the FEI World Pair Championship this summer. 

“Fabulously ready,” said Marcie Quist, who is one of the Advanced drivers hoping to earn the title of National Champion.   “The bags are fun,” she said of the gift each competitor receives.

Temperatures are cool, but the clear skies and little breeze mean that the sunshine is very warm and pleasant.  It is fun to sit in the chairs provided across the road where the clinic is being held and bask in the sunshine while listening to Freund and watching him coach the drivers. 

Two dressage rings will run simultaneously on Friday, and two cones courses will also be run simultaneously on Sunday.  With over 90 entered and 86 actually competing, and the days getting shorter (daylight savings time ends Sunday morning) two rings are essential so no one has to drive in the dark. 

The weather forecast is for temperatures in the high 60s, but nights in the 30s-40s.  But no rain is predicted, unlike last year. 

Section A is closed for inspection – it is so well marked  that anyone who is seen on Section A is in jeopardy of not having their entry accepted next year.  

The judges this year are:  Dr. Franz Vetter, Hardy Zantke, Amy McElroy, Martha Hanks-Nicoll, and Marie deRonde.  T.D. is Ed Young.