Live Oak Marathon

The 20th Live Oak marathon is now finished.  I’m happy to report that no one tipped over or had any other accidents.  The weather cooperated.  Most of the day clouds and a slight breeze made things bearable for the volunteers who were out in the field without a tent or any shelter from the sun or rain.  A few drops fell   just as the last few Preliminary drivers got on Section E.

Intermediate drivers went first, followed by the FEI, and the Preliminary went last.  Because of the jumping competition, the 3rd hazard was eliminated for Preliminary (as was the 7th – the Crow’s Nest) so that the track leading up to it was clear for the jumping horses to get from the stables to their warm-up area.

Geoff Morgan, the announcer had to leave his post in the tower of obstacle 3 so he could announce at the jumper ring. He left David Wright in charge of informing the public about the Preliminary competitors. No surprise that much of the crowd dispersed after the Advanced division finished and went to watch the jumping.

I was at the Budweiser Blast – hazard 5 – all day working for Pics of You, so I didn’t  get around to see the others.  Nine knockdowns were in play but few were dislodged.  I can’t put up any photos right now because they have my cards to upload in their trailer so the competitors can see them.  I should have them back tomorrow and will put some up.

The number of tail gating tents has increased dramatically, as has their size.  The biggest takes up a big chunk of real estate by the water hazard, I think it’s called the Sanctuary.  Bobbi Hager also has a tailgating spot and generously invites all the Brandywine Valley Driving Club members to join her, as well as many others.

Admission for the marathon is $10 per adult and $5 per child.  I spoke with Chester for a moment and he says that he thinks a new record was set as far as spectators.

The cones could not be set up until after the jumping was over, so it has already been posted that the cones will be open for walking Sunday morning at 8 am.


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