Live Oak Sunday and Some Photos

A glorious day for cones.  The Classic Car Show looks well attended, helped no doubt by the weather.  Last night’s competitors’ party was also well attended. One popular guest was Marilyn Monroe who sang a Happy Birthday to Ned Bliss.  Later in the evening (Chester Weber gave fair warning to those conservative types) Lady Godiva rode into the tent and gave a very, very special birthday to Sterling Graburn.  I wouldn’t be surprised if photos are already on Facebook pages.  The band played on and the dance floor was crowded.

I haven’t mentioned that all the scores can be seen on

The cones course didn’t open for walking until 8 am with a 9 am start.  There is always a little stress getting things started but they are off and running.

Jacob Arnold with his brother Samuel drove Marcie Quist’s Hackney horse Hal. They are in 3rd place going into the cones.

Janelle Marshall and Captain Jack Sparrow in the Budweiser Blast. Below Sterling Graburn won the dressage in the FEI Single Horse class.


One response to “Live Oak Sunday and Some Photos

  1. Yay! Goooo Janelle!!

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