Glen Willow – The Adventure Begins

Today is the original closing date for entries for Glen Willow Combined Driving Event.  I say original, because we will extend it for a week or so to encourage a few more entries.

What an adventure this has been.  After Jamie O’Rourke retired The Laurels at Landhope, it wasn’t until March that a group got together to consider whether or not to try to hold a competition at the Laurels site in 2012.  It was a little late to get started, but the group felt that taking a year off was not a good idea.

So much had to be decided.  So much needed to be done.  We didn’t even know what we had to work with.  We ‘owned’ nothing.  We had no seed money to start with.  We needed a name, a logo, a concept for what the new event would be.  It wouldn’t and couldn’t be a clone of The Laurels.

Fast forward to now. After months of concern about achieving our fundraising goals, attracting competitors, volunteers and key committee people it suddenly seems to have all come together.  The energy is intoxicating!

I’ve been involved with several events during my career, and that first year is a roller-coaster ride.  If an event can survive the ups and downs, and end on an up, then each subsequent year gets easier and easier.  What works stays, what doesn’t gets changed. But that sense of urgency, that energy is never quite the same.


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