Arriving at Glen Willow

After 800 miles from Michigan to Avondale, Pa., we are here at Glen Willow!  After only 6 months since inception, a new event is about to be launched!  The stabling tent is going up, a lot of trimming, mowing, landscaping and painting has already taken place and tomorrow is another work day.  I’ve been catching up in the office while Richard Pringle is out with Newt Brosius’ gator starting to mark the course.

Back to School is the name of an old obstacle with a brand new look.  Tall, skinny posts painted to look like pencils, huge spools covered and painted black to mimic blackboards – it is a very time-appropriate theme.

We are celebrating the new while honoring the old.  The signage giving credit to those many sponsors who got The Laurels at  Landhope going is still on the outside of the office.  The trees that have grown to the point of offering shade have their signs in place identifying the people who sponsored them.

So, even if we get some remnants of Hurricane Isaac in a couple of days, it might just be enough to keep the dust down, but it won’t sink us this year!


One response to “Arriving at Glen Willow

  1. Hello! Are you from Michigan, too? I am from SE Michigan and I have a Halfinger that I am teaching to drive. I am glad I found your blog!

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