Support your local advertiser

I’ve been spending a fair amount of time lately talking to those who advertise their products and services in Driving Digest (and probably other publications as well). Even though the economy is better than it was a couple of years ago, I think prices have gone up faster than our income has increased.  At least that’s how it seems to me.

One or two advertisers said they didn’t think their ad was showing any results.  I realize that not everyone can afford to take out a color, full-page ad, so they do what they can.  I know from what readers tell me that they like the ads almost as much as the editorial.  So I am thinking that even if an advertiser doesn’t make a sale as a result of his ad, it doesn’t mean that it isn’t getting noticed.  I think that readers may not need that particular product or service at a particular moment, but will tuck it into their memories so when the time comes, they’ll recall that they saw the ad in Driving Digest and flip through the last issue to find it.

I don’t even have a horse, harness or carriage, yet I notice the ads and if someone that I’m speaking with says they need something, I’m likely to remember seeing an and I mention it to them.

And if you happen to see some of our advertisers, you might mention seeing their ad.  Even if you don’t purchase something, it will let them know that their ad is getting noticed.


One response to “Support your local advertiser

  1. I always shop the adverts when considering purchases. I am interested in specific things, depending, and I look to see who has what. I use the adverts as a yellow pages for carriage driving items. when someone disappears from the ads, i wonder if their business is still open et cetera. I want reliable vendors, in case I need service, or a duplicate purchase later

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