Getting ready for Live Oak

I see from the posts on my Facebook page that those who are not already in Florida have started to hit the road.  Richard and I are leaving on Tuesday.  We have been to every single Live Oak event and watched the changes with great interest.  I believe that this year will be a pivotal one for Live Oak as we have known it as a driving event.  The jumping classes which were included last year as kind of additional entertainment, or trial to see how it all worked out, are going to be an equal part of the 2013 Live Oak.  I am planning to blog daily and include photos to let you see what it looks like.

One of the plusses of going to Live Oak is the fact that since it is the premier CDE in this country, driving people from this country and from all over the world flock there.  It’s a great opportunity to ‘do business.’  I see that the President of the FEI Driving Committee will be there, and I hope to talk to him. I’m also told that most of the FEI Driving Committee members will also be there. Many of our Driving Digest advertisers will be there as well, and I look forward to visiting with them.

Live Oak is giving prize money for the fastest times in the hazards.  This will be very interesting.  I’m predicting a few turnovers.  And the topic of prize money in and of itself is a hot one with many.

Stay tuned!


One response to “Getting ready for Live Oak

  1. Yes indeed…I can image how prize money for speed would enhance risk taking. Remember the Darby’s at Live Oak? Speed cones! I do remember a runaway that fortunately was got under control. The most exciting thing I ever saw was David Saunders driving a pair of DHH in a blazing cones course with 2 American flags whipping in his wake…if I remember correctly, he wore a wig? Anyways, I miss Live Oak…I was fortunate to compete there 6 years in a row. Have a wonderful time…I’ll be watching DrivingNewsUSA and the live streaming on USEF from the west coast.

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