Live Oak Horse Inspection Corrected

Marcie Quist's Hal being inspected by the jury before being jogged.

Marcie Quist’s Hal being inspected by the jury before being jogged.

The Horse Inspection is really the first ‘competition’ of an event.  So much at stake after a long trailer ride.  For Josh Rector, an accident on his trip from Virginia may have contributed to one of his horses being declared “not fit to compete” by the jury. (An additional horse was presented but for being on the grounds but not competing.)

Chester Weber and Misdee Wrigley Miller.

Chester Weber and Misdee Wrigley Miller.

The jury, headed by Klaus Christ, with Martha Nicoll, Joaquin Medina, Mark Weintein, and Hardy Zantke, held several horses and ponies for reinspection, but all but Rector’s passed.

60% chance of rain at 3 p.m. meant that just a few sprinkles fell through the Spanish moss covered trees that surround the area where the handlers walk their horses and ponies while they wait their turn to jog on the macadam surface.

A plethora of ponies

A plethora of ponies


2 responses to “Live Oak Horse Inspection Corrected

  1. Sorry to hear of Josh’s accident and horses…

  2. So far, Live Oak seems to be upholding it’s tradition of exceeding the prior year in excitement, professionalism, theatricality and just plain fun. Chester is a master showman and marketer. On Tuesday, the new Charles Owen Competitors’ Club opened with a resounding bang. Very well attended, a true international flavor, comraderie, good vibes and FUN. On Wednesday Kentucky Equine Research (KER) hosted a dinner and a fascinating discussion on their scientic accomplishments in equine diets. While a little technical, the dinner was well attended by driving folks along with an major turnout of people from the jumping world. Shame on the driving people who missed this dinner….it was informative and KER is a real friend to our sport.

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